After almost 22 years…

After almost 22 years, we have a plan! We have finally, finally figured out the answer to LAUNDRY! Sound ridiculous – you have no idea! With six of us in the house, laundry is my nemesis. I hate it and have begged that one day when we’re millionaires or when one of the children become millionaires – they will hire me a laundry hero to take care of all of my laundry. Of course, by the time THAT happens, it’ll just be me and Chad. Surely I can keep up with just our laundry? I wouldn’t take any bets. I simply do not like to do the laundry.
So……………..I have decided that the children are all old enough to take on their own laundry responsibilities. For some time now, all of the kids have been doing laundry every now and then. Today, I have assigned a day for each child to do laundry. I’ve been reasonable. I’ll still do all of the linens but they must handle their own clothing. On assigned day, assigned child, will bring the laundry to the laundry room to sort, wash, dry, and REMOVE articles from the laundry room. It is GLORIOUS! I can walk in my laundry room and actually move around! If assigned child misses their assigned day – it’s dirty underwear for YOU! Ha! Actually, nothing so motivating as that. The children all have way too many clothes to feel immediate consequences for missing their “said” day. Regardless, they will at some point. Now, the problem has become for me is that their dirty clothes remain in their rooms until their day of the week comes. I’ll get over it – no need to fret. It’s worth it!
I’l post a picture of my clean laundry room soon! New computer is slowing down my process right now!