The Sun Will Come Out….Tomorrow….

Or so the song goes. The forecast for today is a warm 65 degrees and beautiful sunshine. It’s a much welcomed change in comparison to the past few weeks. I’ve decided that God is giving us a break to catch our breath and warm up a bit because I’m sure, the cold weather has not completely packed those bags to leave us this year. Rather random thought this morning. Somehow I am tying all that weather “stuff” to our lives right now, to our world right now. God reminds us, periodically, that he is still in control and that there is always HOPE for a warmer day.
I’m saddened beyond belief at the tragedy in Haiti. It’s hard to watch on the endless hours of news coverage and yet, I feel compelled to take part in their pain. I find myself praying as I watch and listen to the horrors that our brothers and sisters are enduring. And then…then…I see, or rather, God shows me, the good, the loving, the caring outpouring of love from around this so-called horrible world. It’s HOPE that I see! It’s God still working in the hearts of His people. We’re not a lost cause – we still have the ability to reach out and touch those that need it. The Sun is shining to remind us today that God is here – every…step…of…the…way.
The economic downturn over the last few years has finally trickled down to our little, sleepy town – and to our church. Some very tough decisions have been made to reflect the new “bottom-line”. It’s going to take a lot of bright sunshine today and in the days to come to remind us that God IS working and we must all remember our HOPE for another day. I pray this morning for understanding, hope, and peace with the new normal in our lives. Dear God, I know You have a plan and I know that You are faithful. The precious warmth of the sun today will remind me of Your love and the hope You give us every day – every minute. Hold us close, dear Father…we need you.


3 thoughts on “The Sun Will Come Out….Tomorrow….

    • Thanks! I’m “hoping” for peace…
      The picture was taken in North Carolina last summer. We were near the Nantahala River. The girls and I were traveling up to Fontana Dam.

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