January 5, 1997 – My Sunshine!

I started this post on your birthday and it’s taken me awhile to finish. How do I take 13 precious years and pen everything to paper? Impossible. Over the last 13 years, you, my sweet child, have been not only a breath of fresh air but a joy each and every day.
You came to us very early one Sunday morning after a very long, long night in Montgomery, Alabama. Actually, the three years prior to your arrival had been a very long, long wait. You and Adam would have only been 5 years apart in age instead of the almost 8 years apart if all had gone according to our plans. Ickkk – that would mean you would be turning 16! Let’s move on from that thought!!
About a week before your arrival, dad and I took a very bumpy (yet fun) go-kart ride at Maenette’s (Mamaw) house. Up and down her driveway, first with dad, then with Adam. Needless to say, I had to have some help getting in and out of the go-kart. We have pictures – proof! On January 4th, 1997, you decided to let us know it was time. You’ve always been such a gentle child and it all started that night. Most of the evening, after driving to the hospital an hour away, I spent sleeping. Daddy liked to tap me on the shoulder to wake me and let me know that I was having a contraction. Nothing like a little reminder! Long about 5:00am the nurses decided that you were breach and we were scheduled for a C-section.
You were the perfect baby. Unlike your big brother, you slept through the night almost immediately. You ate like the books said you should and passed all of your milestones perfectly. Your smiles lit up the room from the beginning. When we decided it was time for me to go back to work, you were going to stay in a home daycare. I packed a little Rubbermaid tote with all of your important items and a diaper bag that could’ve sunk a ship. The first day was a trial – for me…not you. It didn’t go very well. I sat in the car and cried for about 30 minutes. I came back inside to get you, we went home for another month.
In the short thirteen years you’ve been here with us, you’ve become a friend like none I’ve ever had. I look forward to seeing your sleepy head in the morning and your smile in the afternoons. My heart laughs with you and my heart breaks with your tears. From early days in the daycare where I sat beside you while you ate (to prepare you for my departure) to your first homecoming date – you are a light in this world that shines so very brightly. I thank our precious Lord for allowing me to be your mom! Know that you are loved and cherished by your family! Loves and kisses!


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