It’s a new year!

Here we go! Starting another year, again. As I’ve gotten older, the new year means less to me than each “new” day. I no longer have the excitement and anticipation of some unprecedented change to my life when January 1st rolls around. I have that same option to start anew every day that the good Lord allows me to wake and put my feet on the floor. If we’d only take that option and run with it – ~sigh~

What I do love about January 1st is that by this time, I’ve spent a lot of quality time with my ever busy family. From the week of Christmas until school starts back, we’re home together for the most part. It’s very simply – nice. We’ve enjoyed the glorious celebration of Jesus’ birth. We’ve eaten together, cooked goodies, caught up on some reading, watch family favorite movies, found time to play board games, slept late – at least 7:00am! It’s been wonderful but alas, we must get back to the grind…

Why is it a grind? We make the decisions to do every single thing that we do! We choose to run in one hundred different directions – all.the.time! Maybe that’s why we appreciate the breaks and holidays so much? Oh well, tomorrow will be the last day of the holiday season for us. We’ll all be counting the days until Spring Break and wishing for another day….


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