Aren’t hands interesting? Yes…hands, as in the fingers are attached – hands. To me, hands tell a story. Much like an antique, hands have been so many places and done so many things…they tell a story. Let me be clear, I’m not particularly interested in the perfectly manicured hand but rather just the normal Joe kind of hands. A couple of weeks ago, I began to take a specific interest in my children’s hands.

My babies had the precious and tiny pudgy, perfect little hands. Adam had plump little hands and long fingers but the girls had matching pudgy hands and fingers. Over the years, not sure when, the pudge goes away and the child-like hands develop…still small but that tiny pudge is gone. And then, the hands of an adult emerge. My children are at all different stages of hand-development and this is what prompted this post.
Kee still has the absolutely precious hands of a toddler. Those sweet little hands still look so child-like and innocent. No need for fancy nails or rings. Still happy to play in the mud and make mudpies. Squishy and plump – eat’em up!
Bess has beautiful hands. She’s progressed through those baby years and has elegant hands and fingers. While still childlike, her hands have thinned and her fingers are becomming long and slender. She’s only just started playing the piano but already, I enjoy watching her play. Very graceful.
Rie has the hands of a young lady. Thankfully, she has the great nails of Chad’s side of the family – not mine! Her sweet hands are no longer pudgy and her fingers have grown to the long and slender fingers of a lady. Her hands have short stories to tell even now – her time playing soccer, the countless hours flipping in the gym, playing the flute, dances, and movies…she’s on her way.
And Adam…all grown up now. Pudgy, squishy gone. His hands have started the novel of life. His hands are bigger than Keegan’s face and very helpful around the house. With the extra large veins, his hands look strong and able – much like his dad’s.

What will their hands do in this world? How many times will they reach out to help someone? How many tears will they wipe away? What great food will they bring to their lips? How many babies will they hold? What luggage will they carry to faraway places? What happiness they’ll feel waving a shaker at a ballgame! Will they find apples and oranges to pull from a tree? Will live Christmas trees poke their hands while decorating at Christmas?

Hands do tell a story – think about your life and the adventures you’ve had and will have in the future and how your hands weave that tale.


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