A laundry list since my last post.

I think blogging is a great reminder that time passes so quickly. I can’t believe it’s been since October 11th that I posted last. Wow.
It’s Monday. A new week has come again. It’s a chance for another new start. Mondays are like little mini re-dos. We get to set new goals, new plans, and mini resolutions. Each week my list is crisp and fresh. I have the absolute best of intentions to get everything accomplished that I failed to do the week before. But alas, I fall short repeatedly! I’m really not sure what would happen if I completed everything? Would life be at its end?

This past weekend, we traveled north to play in a soccer tournament. It’s our first season on a co-ed team. At the end of last spring, the all-girls team decided to move back in to age appropriate divisions. We played well enough. After losing two matches, we came back to win the third match in a much heated double overtime, shoot-out. It was hair raising. I know, I know….we love to blame a bad match on the referees but really – these guys were AMAZINGLY HORRIBLE! They called the match well enough. It was the overtime periods that became a fiasco.
For posterity sake, what I’d like to post and remember about this weekend – we had a great time with friends, watched super kids play soccer, won our first game with this team. Enough….and enough…..

The youngest two spent the weekend with grandparents and visited with cousins. From the sound of their constant chatter, they also had a great weekend. It’s a good thing that we live close enough for the cousins to get together, we just don’t do it enough. The lack of visits will be one of those topics of conversations when we’re old – “why didn’t we do more of that?”

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