A Fall Saturday in the South

It doesn’t get much better – a cool, autumn, Saturday in the South. Dear Hubby started my day with some tasty, warm coffee while girlies cooked breakfast. I love having them in the kitchen at the ripe old age of eight and nine. My mom would be happy to see this. After some serious dancin’ and sangin’ – we prepared for a day of football, shopping, yard attention, and serious dress-up time.

Oldest girlie and I headed out with friends to shop for the day while hubby and other girlies watched SEC football and cut grass. There is something soothing about football and the smell of fresh cut grass in the fall. The shopping didn’t take long and we were back for an evening at home with the family. The original plan was to enjoy the first batch of chili but ultimately, we decided to have a hodge podge dinner instead. All the same, it was a great day. So many of our weekends are consumed with soccer tournaments, church events, runs, etc. that we relish the time we have together at home. The winter days are coming and our weekends will be free of all of the many activities. We’ll hunker down together and long for spring when we can get out and back to all of our crazy activities.

The public shools are out for fall break this week. I don’t really schedule a break for our homeschool but we’ll plan some outings so that oldest girlie can join us. Maybe today, we’ll decide what fun we can muster up. I think our traditional trip to the pumpkin patch would be nice. We have an old farmstead close by that offers not only pumpkins but a corn maze, cotton picking, wagon rides to the fields, sunflower picking, and refreshments. I’m not much of a farm girl in reality but I always have a longing while at this homestead to put on some overalls, grab a tractor and head off to the fields. IMG_8926

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