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Great day back in the saddle for us all! Hooty Hoo! We all seem to be feeling better. The girls and I started our school day around 7:20 after dropping off the middle school girlie. We worked through the morning, came in for lunch, back to it around 2:00. Very productive day. Nice. After being home for most of the last week sick, we are so behind where I wanted us to be by now with our schoolwork. Oh well…we’ll have to add a little here and a little there.

This afternoon we had the pleasure of spending an hour or so with two boys that we love dearly. We tried to do a little homework before mom and dad arrived. One of these precious boys is in the same grade as baby girl. It stresses me everytime I look at what he’s doing in school! I scrutinize his work in comparison to what I think baby girl could do. How awful is that?!?! Most often, she’s somewhere in the ballpark but there are some things…not really. I think that we made the right decision for her to home school. It’s more and more apparent that there would be hard times in the public system and it hurts my heart to think of what she would go through daily. Her self-esteem would really be damaged – through no one’s fault. She just learns differently. I’m so thankful that I can work with her daily and that we have the advantage to slow down when she needs to – or like today, when we’ve been away for a few days….WOW…we have to back up!

It was soccer this afternoon and then dinner with great friends. Dinner on a school night? Out of the norm for us but hey…we’re “grown-ups”!

Soccer All-Stars

Soccer All-Stars


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