Days Go By

My last post was not so nice. Hmmm just needed to vent I guess.

Another week is flying by with the girls off in their activities. I know now what my mama meant about time going faster and faster as you get older. We’re dancin’, flippin over at the gym, cheerin’, churchin’, schoolin’, playin’ some ball, and trying to find our new normal after a summer of chillin’. We’ll have Open House at the school tonight so that we parents may meet the heroes we call teachers. Every day, these individuals get up, get ready (early), to head off to educate our children. These are the people! These are the ones – shaping lives, every single day! And…they do it through the prosperous times when they may get an extra ream of paper and in the lean times when there aren’t enough books, and more children in a classroom than there should be. They have chosen to spend their lives trying to educate a generation of our country – of our world! Why???? They don’t make millions of dollars. I completely get why professtional athletes get up and go to work each day – who wouldn’t for multi millions of dollars a year? These heroes do this because it’s a calling, a gift, and a God-given talent. There are those that have a special talent to teach but I honestly think that the gift and talent is the ability to love – to love children. How happy Jesus must be with these people! The picture that comes to mind when I think of Jesus is one where He is seated on a rock with children surrounding him. He’s laughing and happy. How much more do we need? Children are the very essence of heaven right here on earth. So to the teachers out there that get up each day with new re-vitalized energy to love these children another day, kudos to you. I see you sitting on a rock, beside Jesus, smiling and laughing with children all around you.


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