First Week of School

(From August 15, 2009) The first week of school is behind us – in a blur! Back to waking up early, slapping breakfast together, lining the little people up for the dreaded brushing of hair, the mantra of questions – have you brushed your teeth, is your bed made, are the lights out, has anyone fed the dogs, do you have your snack, where is your homework…. Funny how I ask those exact same questions every… single… day and still…still, I find something that hasn’t been done. And yes, I know that I will miss this one day – so I’m told.

We all had a wonderful first week back. The eldest girlie absolutely loves school. Lots of new freedoms for her. A few tears for me on her first day walking in to the new school. It is from this point that I remember my now college boy began the warp speed journey through middle school and high school. It was just a blink – so much, so fast. She entered the school on this first morning still a little girl and by afternoon had already matured. By the end of this year, my baby girl will be so much more a young woman. How lovely – it’s right on time, I got that. But the loss of innocence when they enter this adolescent age is just sad to me. I want my quiet, shy, complacent, snuggler to stay little awhile longer. Sigh….


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