Summer storms

I really like the afternoon thunderstorms we get here in the south. Sometimes, on days like today, the thunder goes on for hours with no real intensity. There has been only a drop or two of rain this afternoon. I’m fine with alot or none – I just like the thunder. It helps that the temp has dropped about 10 degrees – that always makes me happy.

It’s funny that at the end of summer each year, we all run around like chickens trying to get in one more fun day before the routine of school and fall activities are upon us. The girls had an awesome afternoon swimming. Now, they have spent the summer in this very pool but today was different. They went with a dear friend and his mom and…they know that the days of splashing around in the warm (bathtub warm) water is almost over. Good for them! They chattered all the way home and are now pooped – good, clean, summertime fun!

My dear sister-in-law shares a daily quote with us each morning. Some stick out to me and we print them out and add them to our quote wall. Today, I like this one:

Mark Twain:
Whoever is happy will make others happy, too.

Isn’t that nice? I totally agree and harp constantly on finding the happiness wherever you are. It’s there – ya just gotta look for it!


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