Yes – it’s been forever!

I honestly think about blogging often. I think about lots of ideas that would make for a great read. Oh well, we’re just so stinkin’ busy! I can’t catch that minute of time to gather my thoughts long enough to tap out a post. Hmmm…really need to add that to those things I should do better.

A basic summer recap for posterity:

Cheer camp was a success. Our girls were wonderful. They worked hard and it all payed off. Oldest girlie had a blast and continues to be excited about her upcoming year as a “rah rah” girl.  🙂 All of the cheerleaders practiced the entire month of June but have had the month of July to chill. It actually has worked out nicely – much to my surprise. I think we’re in for a super busy school year with all of the details that go along with cheering.

The family (minus dad) met up with my precious cousin and his family for a week at the beach. I haven’t seen him since around 1995. We reconnected via Facebook – yes, I know…  Anyway, his wife is super sweet and wow, his two year old daughter is over the top beautiful and precious. My girls were in heaven all week just spending time with her. I hope we didn’t drive them too crazy. We’re pretty overwhelming when we’re all together. Big guy and his girlfriend were able to hang with us too for a few days. It’s always so nice to have some time with them.

Our baby Zoey (less than a year old lab puppy) jumped out of big guy’s truck this summer. We really thought our time with her was over. Her hip was broken and there were some other issues as well. Between incredible friends, an aunt that is loved and respected by everyone, and a whole bunches of prayers, baby Zoey is back home with us. She spent about 3+ weeks at the doggy hospital and has had two more weeks of so-called “kennel rest”. It’s okay – whatever it takes. She is feeling great these days and drags us up and down our hill, through bushes, under trees, and through neighbor after neighbor’s yards. She may make it to college with the big guy yet.  I sure hope so.

Finally, we traveled to our old camping/rafting stomping grounds to meet up with

The two littles and I started back to our school today. The oldest girlie doesn’t start for another week so she’s actually a great help getting everything moving. This will be our third year and much less daunting to me. I was able to gather my thoughts and plans quickly for our upcoming year. We’re changing one of our math programs to an online curriculum for one of the girls. She and I both have been exasperated with the one we’ve used so anything is better. We’ll see.


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