A Week In Review

This past week marked the end of another school year and I guess, yet another chapter. The oldest girlie moves to another school with lots of anticipation – from her…not me. She’s very excited about the changes that will come; the new hallways, new teachers, and old friends. I’m happy for her – it’s just that now we move in to warp speed and I know that as she enters this new place in her life…the little girl time is ending. There are many, many fun times for us ahead…just a bit nostalgic this morning.

Let’s see, what else from this past week:

-Dear hubby was gone ALL week on business. We’re glad to have him home.

-Totally missed youngest dance class on Thursday – thought the world was ending!

-Garden has been planted – the community garden that is.

-Developed new way to inspire one child to clean her room.   🙂

On another note, we’ve been blessed with MUCH rain this Memorial Day holiday and so, have been home. Our laundry is almost complete. Our “throw-out” piles have been placed in the trailer for hauling. Dear son successfully hooked up the surround sound in the basement. I know this ONLY because as he is playing video games, my house is shaking!

If it rains again today, I may actually get bathrooms cleaned!! Hooray!


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