A Week In Review

This past week marked the end of another school year and I guess, yet another chapter. The oldest girlie moves to another school with lots of anticipation – from her…not me. She’s very excited about the changes that will come; the new hallways, new teachers, and old friends. I’m happy for her – it’s just that now we move in to warp speed and I know that as she enters this new place in her life…the little girl time is ending. There are many, many fun times for us ahead…just a bit nostalgic this morning.

Let’s see, what else from this past week:

-Dear hubby was gone ALL week on business. We’re glad to have him home.

-Totally missed youngest dance class on Thursday – thought the world was ending!

-Garden has been planted – the community garden that is.

-Developed new way to inspire one child to clean her room.   🙂

On another note, we’ve been blessed with MUCH rain this Memorial Day holiday and so, have been home. Our laundry is almost complete. Our “throw-out” piles have been placed in the trailer for hauling. Dear son successfully hooked up the surround sound in the basement. I know this ONLY because as he is playing video games, my house is shaking!

If it rains again today, I may actually get bathrooms cleaned!! Hooray!


Happy Mother’s Day

It’s bright and early here. No little people are awake yet. Sweet hubby has already set out for a quick bike ride – after he made me coffee…a good man, indeed. Before I stepped out of bed today, a kind and happy bird began to sing. What a happy song for such an early hour. It was nice to hear. I think sometimes, our days are so filled with life that we don’t focus in on those little sounds… little reminders.

The past week or so have been busy, not that it’s any different than any other week. We were busy bringing home college child home for the summer. We have been very fortunate this past year to have lived in a condo where he only had a recliner and his desk. The rest was furnished. So, I thought I’d make a quick trip to Auburn and gather his “few” things and get back to my schedule. HA… what a joke. I guess after two years of him living away, I’ve forgotten what a mess he creates – all…by…himself! Instead of one quick trip, we were in Auburn three mornings. After a couple of loads and a lot of cleaning, he is home. I’m so glad to have him here, even if for a short time. Actually, in about two weeks, I’ll be ready for him to head back.

It’s Mother’s Day. I hope that all mothers have a sweet and glorious day.  We had the absolute pleasure of all being together this weekend. Not sure how, but we managed to all be here from Friday through today. Yesterday afternoon, I watched my sweet boy helping dad in the yard, the two little ones were riding scooters and playing in the garden hose, and my oldest daughter is never far from my side. How blessed we are to have family that can still enjoy one another. We actually like each other.  A few random memories from yesterday that I don’t want to forget:

-both girls inside the empty hot tub cleaning with daddy

-hubby blowing off the roof – (ipod, sunglasses, blower backpack)

-Zoey chasing the weedeater

-AM across my bed telling me all about the party

-two littles riding together on one scooter squeeling in delight

-youngest sitting with the lab smack in the middle of the driveway laughing hysterically. (Post & pictures to come.)