Connectivity Dependence

For about 5 hours yesterday, I could have been on an isolated island in the middle of the Pacific ocean! Actually, as I type that…it doesn’t sound so terrible.

Our internet/email was down yesterday at the office. Prior to being completely out, it was painfully slow. I climbed the ladders to fiddle with the DSL and the router to no avail. I thought at one point that it must be Bellsouth. Nope. I came home at lunch and all was well with the internet here (now my phone is still out here at home, but that, I can deal with). In addition to having no internet connectivity in my office, the phone lines dropped calls, and I have NO cell coverage in the church. I’ve decided that God was trying his best to get my attention and with all of the distractions…I wasn’t listening. So, He took care of it – no connection to the world for a period of time – then all is very quiet, and I could hear Him speak. Thank you Lord for the reminder that you’re the only real connection I need!

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