Connectivity Dependence

For about 5 hours yesterday, I could have been on an isolated island in the middle of the Pacific ocean! Actually, as I type that…it doesn’t sound so terrible.

Our internet/email was down yesterday at the office. Prior to being completely out, it was painfully slow. I climbed the ladders to fiddle with the DSL and the router to no avail. I thought at one point that it must be Bellsouth. Nope. I came home at lunch and all was well with the internet here (now my phone is still out here at home, but that, I can deal with). In addition to having no internet connectivity in my office, the phone lines dropped calls, and I have NO cell coverage in the church. I’ve decided that God was trying his best to get my attention and with all of the distractions…I wasn’t listening. So, He took care of it – no connection to the world for a period of time – then all is very quiet, and I could hear Him speak. Thank you Lord for the reminder that you’re the only real connection I need!


Another chapter ends.

For the past five years, I’ve had a great group of young people to teach, play and love at our church.  When I began working at our church, these children were in the first grade. Tonight was their final night with me at church. They will confirm this Sunday and move over to our youth group. I’m so very proud of these children. They laugh and love life like no other class I’ve known yet. As their final night, “on the green grass” was coming to a close, they chose Red Rover and Duck, Duck Goose as the last games they would play. I just love these kids. We’ve spent countless hours on trips to a swamp, the beach (over and over again), White Water, summer camps, hide-and-seek in the church, playground time, Wacky Wednesday, shaving cream fights, water balloon wars, popcorn and movies, too many crafts to mention, VBS, Bible skills & drills, Sunday School hours…and hours….and hours. The list could go on and on. I know that I will love the next class of children, I always do. But, every so many years, there is a special class that touches your heart – I will miss them and all their antics. Our side of the street (children’s) will not be the same without them. I wish them well. I wish them many, many blessings. I will hold them dear to my heart always.

A Quick Reflection of My Blog

I haven’t yet been blogging a year and just spent the last few minutes scanning back over my blog entries. So many things that I’ve already forgotten about were brought back through the words on this blog. Yea! What a great reminder as to why I started this!

Gotta run – Zoey (the now, 30lb lab) is running like a horse through my house and the girls are all sssccrreeaaammmmminngggg!!

Ohh my! She just hurdled the baby gate! She is a horse!!


Unbelievable that it’s been since February that I posted! I was inspired this morning to “get back at it”.  Unlike the terribly cold day that I last posted, the skies are blue and the temperature is around 75. We love this time of the year – just as the flowers begin to bloom and winter literally blows away in the ever present breeze. Of course, this season is short for us. Very soon (all too soon), the humid, HOT summer will be here. Oh well, we’re blessed to see another changing of the seasons.

Lately, I’ve been catching up, via Facebook, with some old friends – old meaning all the way back from high school. I haven’t been so diligent over the last twenty years of staying in touch with friends. It’s so nice and refreshing to see their faces and read how they’ve spent this last chapter of our lives. We’ve all grown up – and have children that are growing up!!

I haven’t been reading my favorite blogs as often either but did check in on My High Desert Home and was very sad to see that this incredible lady will be closing down her blog for good. Apparently she is moving and has decided that her blogging time is over. I don’t know her, have only commented a handful of times on her blog, and know very little about her except that she seems to have a lot to offer, but still, I will miss her.

As always, the afternoon hours are hairy and crazy with the girlies…I hope to be back soon to catch up on our adventures over the last two months! It’s time to print my book and it won’t be complete without a recap of our spring.