Valentines with Daddy

Our two youngest enjoyed a night out with dad last weekend at the Annual Father Daughter dance. We spent the afternoon being very girly. We painted fingers and toes, curled hair, dotted on a little powder and lipstick.  The dresses were “twirl” ready and off they went. Both of the girls were giddy by the time they left. After dinner and pictures, the real fun began – the dance. Every year the dance contest is the highlight of the night. The girls and their dads dance in groups based on their age groups. Well…we have winners this year! I’ve heard about the intensity of their dancing all week from friends and boy do I hate I missed it. The prize was a gift certificate for a manicure so I guess we’ll do a few more nails.

While the girls and daddy were off dancing the night away – I was alone!!! Big guy didn’t come home this weekend from school and Daughter #1 had plans with friends. I could probably count on one hand the times that I’m home alone. Oh, the time went by so very fast. I thought I’d have time to have dinner, watch a movie, play on the internet, take a nap…and they were only gone 2.5 hours. My misconception of time….



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