This Thing Called Competition

How is it we become such competitors? Where along our paths do we develop an extra gene that controls our level of competition? I’ve met very few people that are NOT driven by it – some to the point of ridiculous. I’m not referring to the obvious competition in an athletic event – I get that. I guess I should stop briefly and admit that I am way more competitive than I should be by way too much “stuff”.

Over the last few months, we’ve been preparing for entering Middle School where my daughter and many of her friends will be “trying-out” for cheerleading. Who knew that cheerleading could be so vicious? I have never before seen such ugly – and get this, it’s not between the girls! It’s the moms! I completely understand the “Cheer Mom” syndrome. Very early on, it was apparent to me that each will take care of it’s own – just like out in the wild jungles. Mama Beast will appear when Baby Beast is threatened. Baby Beast will be the best – at all cost. Oh, I am very, very tired of this and try-outs are more than a month away. I have a friend (of an older child that has been through this ridiculous process) to tell me that the best advice she could give me was to stay cordial to everyone – but stay away. So, I pray, watch from afar, pray, smile at other Mama Beasts, pray, and scurry off back to my den to pray more.

Now – for some self-reflection with regards to this mess. Early on when I saw how nasty this could be, I too decided to take care of my child and not worry about others. I have to say that I’ve been sucked in to the whole competition thing. For right or wrong reasons, we’ve made sure that our daughter has had the lessons she needs to compete on the highest level for her ability. And, yes…it pleases me when she does well.  Oh, I’m no better than any of those other Mama Beasts – I’m so ashamed! I have to commit to stop this – can I…will I…will it be if and when she makes cheer…or does this heart wrenching ugliness continue on? I’m not sure I have the energy for this – it’s very unhealthy.

This will take concerted effort – I’ll need help, Lord.horn_and_pom_poms


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