A little for you, and you, and you…

I just came from a little impromptu brainstorming session at the office and I think, no, I pray that we have a plan in place to help feed our community. Our idea is not new and is already in place all over the country – but it’s new for us. We are going to begin planning for a community garden here at the church. We have already put in to motion providing a dinner once a week for those in need.  By planting a garden, our children, youth, adults, grandparents, etc. can all work together to help others. Oh – I do hope this works. I know ZERO about gardening – this will be so fun!

All around us we are pounded with the dreary news about our economy. We listen to the gloomy reports on the radio. We try to take a deep breath while watching the “experts” tell us that 2009 will be even worse than what we’ve seen so far. We pray for friends that have lost jobs and for those that are looking at the possibility. I watch as people, our neighbors, come to humbly ask for a bag of groceries at the church – walking away because they no longer have gas for the cars. Through the depths of all of this misery, I see people pulling together, smiles from those that have the least to smile about, churches standing up and offering a hand, community meals planned to feed those that need it, children asking to help others… God has a plan in all of this – I know this. I know that tomorrow is just around the corner and we just have to hold on – hold on to each other, but most of all…hold on to our loving Lord.

Many blessings!


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