New baby in our house!

For Christmas this year, we added to our family. Baby Zoey came to us with a beautiful chocolate coat. My eldest, college child received Zoey as a gift from his girlfriend. She is precious and much fun as well as a ton of work! Big guy can’t have Zoey with him in Auburn so Zoey will stay here with us. We have issued assigned days to the girls to take care of baby Zoey. It truly is like having a baby around again – but without the diapers! She’s actually doing well with the house-training…as long as we pay close attention to her every move.

Princess Mia is not as excited about baby Zoey. Mia, the three pound, long-hair, Chihuahua has been queen bee for three years and only barely tolerates Zoey’s antics. While Zoey was in the blundering puppy stage, Mia could zip and clip around at speeds that Zoey couldn’t keep up with. Now, however, one swipe of Zoey’s paw sends Mia flying across the room. Zoey really wants to be friends with Mia and gets overly excited at the sight of Mia. Not so with Mia – she is not impressed AT ALL.

Pictures next time. It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded pictures.

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