Where did September go?

Unbelievable that all of September has slipped away!

We are too busy for me to spend alot of time at the computer updating my blog. Sad really as this is the main reason I started blogging – to journal, quickly, our family’s life.

Currently all three girls are involved in church, soccer, dance, cheer, gymnastics, campfire – all between 3:00 in the afternoon and bedtime. Everyday is crazy! The main consumption of our time is soccer right now. Last year sweet daughter #3 played up an age division for my convenience. It was most unfair to her and I didn’t want to do that again. Well, now we have our two youngest playing on two separate teams and they each play on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings! We are usually much more diligent about how much time we spend tied up in “extra” activities. Somehow as the girls have gotten older, I think we have slowly slipped in to a bad pattern. Soccer will be over at the end of October and we’ll re-evaluate before signing up for anything else.

We’re off to the beach on Monday. I hope we’ll be able to stay until Friday or Saturday – and we will provided sweet hubby can be away from the office that long. He can connect from there but some issues have to be resolved in person – or so I hear.  🙂

 And… it’s Auburn football season…and…we love to tailgate…and…WAR EAGLE!!