Day Book – September 15, 2008


    Outside My Window… cloudy day – hot, humid. We’re so ready for fall!

I am thinking… we’ll work to stay home as much as possible this week.

From the Learning Room: girls are assembling a weather station. They don’t want my help right now – good for them! We’ll see soon what kind of weather they either create – or find depending on their interpretation of the instructions.   🙂

I am thankful for… a super fun weekend with family and friends as we visited Stone Mountain in Georgia.

From the kitchen… bread baking and a potato casserole.

I am wearing… khaki capris and a black shirt.

I am creating… homeschool plans for the week. Some of the family is traveling out west and sending great pictures and recaps of their travels. I think we’ll keep a travel log via a map and use their stops and small unit studies?? Still “creating” the plan. 

I am going…to the office, choir, gymnastics, and two soccer matches – all before 6:00 pm Hmmm, I did say I was going to stay home didn’t I??

I am reading…still reading through Rascal with my girls. We’ve also started reading An Unlikely Friendship. This book is about Mary Todd Lincoln and her dressmaker. The story begins the day before Abraham Lincoln is shot.

I am hoping…the weather will soon turn cool!



I am hearing… singing from outside where the girls have their weather lab. Rain dance, perhaps?

Around the house…all is tidy (I didn’t say clean).

One of my favorite things… early morning peace and a cup of coffee.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: normal daily routine and plans to head to Auburn for some great southern tailgating!! Who cares that we don’t have tickets?

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

This picture is from our camping trip to North Carolina last year. Looking forward to more very soon.





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