How We Relax

Ok so Labor Day relaxation? Yes, in our home relaxation takes on a new meaning. Take a seat…

-5:30ish (AM) – Dear hubby goes out for a 10 or so mile run.

-Breakfast with family

-Dear Hubby takes middle princess out for a hike.

-College boy, Mom, and oldest princess clean out trash and “give-away” piles from basement.

-We all come together for soccer, football, and back handsprings at the local football field.

-After arriving back home, Suburban door is removed for repair to the locks and the tail lights replaced.

-Oldest princess and mom head out to four different stores to ignorantly try to find the parts needed for DH to do all of the repairs…  aghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

-Dinner – ribs, baked potatoes, salad. Fresh bread rising – then baked.

-Children fed and bathed – bed.

Man! I am ready for our work week – Labor Day is very labor intensive!

No rest for the weary – Triathlon this next weekend!


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