Day Book – September 15, 2008


    Outside My Window… cloudy day – hot, humid. We’re so ready for fall!

I am thinking… we’ll work to stay home as much as possible this week.

From the Learning Room: girls are assembling a weather station. They don’t want my help right now – good for them! We’ll see soon what kind of weather they either create – or find depending on their interpretation of the instructions.   🙂

I am thankful for… a super fun weekend with family and friends as we visited Stone Mountain in Georgia.

From the kitchen… bread baking and a potato casserole.

I am wearing… khaki capris and a black shirt.

I am creating… homeschool plans for the week. Some of the family is traveling out west and sending great pictures and recaps of their travels. I think we’ll keep a travel log via a map and use their stops and small unit studies?? Still “creating” the plan. 

I am going…to the office, choir, gymnastics, and two soccer matches – all before 6:00 pm Hmmm, I did say I was going to stay home didn’t I??

I am reading…still reading through Rascal with my girls. We’ve also started reading An Unlikely Friendship. This book is about Mary Todd Lincoln and her dressmaker. The story begins the day before Abraham Lincoln is shot.

I am hoping…the weather will soon turn cool!



I am hearing… singing from outside where the girls have their weather lab. Rain dance, perhaps?

Around the house…all is tidy (I didn’t say clean).

One of my favorite things… early morning peace and a cup of coffee.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: normal daily routine and plans to head to Auburn for some great southern tailgating!! Who cares that we don’t have tickets?

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

This picture is from our camping trip to North Carolina last year. Looking forward to more very soon.





Triathlon Weekend – and “the boys”

We all enjoyed this past weekend, even though it has taken me three days to get it all back together. On Friday the two youngest princesses and I headed to our once-a-year required meeting with our homeschool umbrella group. Each year the director asks that we all come together, briefly, to sign up for tests, theater productions, etc. It’s fine, I guess. I don’t mind going so much – I just wish it wasn’t 1.5 hours away. But, on the flip side, we have family in that area and the girls always enjoy playing with the cousins. As it turned out, they stayed with the family while dear hubby and the oldest princess and I went north for an end-of-season traithlon.

Before the triathlon recap, I have to give kudos to my sister-in-law. You know, there are people that border on either being “Saints” or being “insane”. She was one of my inspirations to homeschool and I respect her so very much – and she’s also one that I can laugh at and with depending on our lives at any given point. When we arrived at her house Friday, we were greeted by my nieces and nephew, as always, with huge grins and lots of chatter. And then…and then…the rest of the family comes barreling to see us – Butters and Ajax! Oh my, my, my…these little (NOT!) characters are the reason S-I-L has the latest jewel in her crown. Ajax is her puppy and Butters belongs to another S-I-L (which happens to be a vet and loves ALL animals). Now Ajax is a cross between a lab and…well, something else. He does this neat trick with his ears – he holds one up and one down. We’re not sure what he’s communicating when he does this – we think maybe he’s trying to understand us as he tilts his head from side to side – questioning (all the while with that ear standing straight up in the air). He’s super friendly – I mean, super, super friendly. So friendly, in fact, that he likes to get up close, and personal. He’s a rather large dog that lives IN the house. Now, we have a dog in our house, only she’s 4 pounds and Ajax is well on his way to 50+ pounds (could be exaggeration there but…). So, then there’s Butters. Oh our little French Bulldog Butters (that was born in Russia, traveled tothe SIL in Japan, and then to the US when she returned from the military) was also there with his stocky little legs, stubby tail, and the face only a mother could love. Some find his snorting cute – I just find it amusingingly distracting. The “boys” as the S-I-L calls them have a big time chasing each other, wrestling, sliding, etc through her kitchen and entryway. Now to the SIL’s credit, she has contained these “boys” to just this area and has her baby gates back up (her children are well past needing gates) so that she has her “dog free zone”.  The dog antics were quite funny to me and captured my attention for some time. Her jewel comes from babysitting Butters when she has three children that she homeschools, and as she calls him…her special needs dog, Ajax.

Oh – out of time again – triathlon recap still to come.

How We Relax

Ok so Labor Day relaxation? Yes, in our home relaxation takes on a new meaning. Take a seat…

-5:30ish (AM) – Dear hubby goes out for a 10 or so mile run.

-Breakfast with family

-Dear Hubby takes middle princess out for a hike.

-College boy, Mom, and oldest princess clean out trash and “give-away” piles from basement.

-We all come together for soccer, football, and back handsprings at the local football field.

-After arriving back home, Suburban door is removed for repair to the locks and the tail lights replaced.

-Oldest princess and mom head out to four different stores to ignorantly try to find the parts needed for DH to do all of the repairs…  aghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

-Dinner – ribs, baked potatoes, salad. Fresh bread rising – then baked.

-Children fed and bathed – bed.

Man! I am ready for our work week – Labor Day is very labor intensive!

No rest for the weary – Triathlon this next weekend!

Unnamed Phenomenon

What name has been given to the disorder/phenom that forces children to get up before dawn on days when we are staying home (weekends, holidays, etc.) and then cements them to their beds on days that we must be up and out of the house????

Daybook – September 1, 2008

Outside My Window…
light wind and a cloudy sky – Hurricane Gustav outer bands are effecting us even here hundreds of miles away.
I am thinking…
that my plans for a homey day inside are heading down the drain quickly as dear husband and children are planning a hike, soccer at the track, and general outside fun??
I am thankful for…
the entire family being home.
From the kitchen…
waffles – cooked by the junior cook – all the better!
I am wearing…
junk shorts, tshirt, no shoes
I am creating…
??? my mind seems to be blank on this one this morning
I am going…
apparently to the track and on a hike and…wherever else this family decides! 
I am reading…
Rascal by Sterling North – great book to read with the children. Cute story about a young boy and his raccoon.
I am hoping…
to catch up the laundry before the end of the day – doubtful

I am hearing…

children loudly wrestling – beautiful sounds.
Around the house…
eveyone is gathering in one space – great, I guess.
One of my favorite things…
is a happy, rested family – all of which we have so far today.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
school, dance, gym, soccer – more of the same
Here is picture thought I am sharing…
Mother-in-law hiking at Great Sand Dunes National Park – wish I was there!

Ignoring my friend…

Kinda funny that I actually clicked on the blog stats to see how many few people have checked my blog lately…since I haven’t posted in over a month. Oh, I read my favorite blogs daily but just haven’t had the energy or gumption to post myself. I’ve decided that I do indeed miss it and that the original reason for this bloggy thing was to chronicle our life – for my children, for posterity, for fun…

In the last month:

-youngest two children started back to school (homeschool, that is)

-oldest daughter headed out the door to begin 6th grade  😦

-college boy went back to school – I was sad and happy all at the same time. 🙂  😦

-oldest daughter and friend participated in another triathlon – both did very well



-spent four days at the beautiful, white beaches of Destin, FL

-dancing, gymnastics, soccer, Campfire, fall church activities have all started back for all of my children!

Enough of the recap…maybe I have had reason NOT to post?