I read so many blogs that have really interesting backgrounds/templates – most of which seem to be on blogspot. How is this done? Do all of these bloggers purchase upgrades in order to customize their blog. We have a private family blog over on blogspot as well as this one on wordpress and I can’t figure out how to get a more original, cool looking template. If you have an idea how this is done – please, please give me some direction.


Excited to be back!

Not that my blog is read all that often but I have missed checking in and catching up. We’ve been both out of town and terribly busy over the last two weeks. I have lots to journal. Hope to have time soon. I’m posting a picture from a 100 year old farm we visited to pick produce.


I posted awhile back about something eating my pepper plant – well, it’s all over now! The poor plant had survived the initial attack but the plant has been severed at it’s base and cannot overcome. What is up with this?!?! There was an itty bitty green pepper just peeping out – I’m so sad. I stuck the plant back down in the dirt with the hopes that it would reroot (is that a word?) itself. It’s not looking like a viable possibility right now.

Holiday before the holiday

After a tough week of VBS – we have enjoyed participating in absolutely NOTHING of importance. The dear husband is off on his annual mission trip to the Appalachian mountains until Saturday. So, the children and I have cleaned a little, started back to school (why not?), been swimming, enjoyed a drive-in movie, ridden four-wheelers, slept late…ahhhhhhh. The week draws to a close with July 4th celebration with some friends and a trip or two to the lake. Not sure yet where we’ll view fireworks (not my favorite thing to do). But, I’m sure we’ll see some regardless. Our son will have a birthday on Saturday – can’t believe he’ll be 19!! This picture is about 10 years ago being a sweet big brother to my now 11 year old. Time passes by much too quickly. He’s still a wonderful big brother and precious son.