Knock, Knock, Knock – Everyday…

Each and every morning, there are knocks on my door. My children, one by one, visit the bathroom when I am showering. Now, they have access to three other bathrooms in our house – they don’t need the facilities. They need to talk to me about one thing or another. For some time, this really bothered me and I was a bit more than testy about the constant interruptions. Could I have any solace, any privacy, any minute alone! Then…they all went away for a few days and I was alone in this big ole house and my shower was very, very quiet. There were no knocks on the door. There were no conversations from the other side of the curtain. No peeps out to see if an outfit matched – there was no need to referee. I have decided I want to hear those very distinct knocks. I want to relish each need they have through those curtains because one day, there will be no more knocks.

My children each have a very unique knock, much like their personalities, and I know who is there before they ever speak.

-Oldest Child – very hard and purposeful. The knock comes from very high on the door – he’s 6’5.

-Oldest Daughter – light knocking – “I don’t mean to bother you.”

-Middle Daughter – rhythmic happy knock – always a rhythm to her knocks.  🙂

-Youngest Daughter – quick, almost banging – “I need you now….RIGHT NOW!! ”

So now – we have fun with the knock, knock, knocking at my door. They try to fool me but rarely succeed.

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