Daybook – June 30, 2008

Outside My Window…
the afternoon sun is setting and the air is cooler today. We’ve enjoyed temps in the low 80’s today. Nice! We had a tremendous storm last night so the air seems clearer today.
I am thinking…
about my dear sweet neighbor that fell in her yard today. She’s 86 and her injuries are very serious. More later.
I am thankful for…
time at home after an incredibly busy week.
From the kitchen…
NOTHING – ALL IS CLEAN. As much as I love to cook, I love clean countertops and a shiny sink.
I am wearing…
khaki shorts, pink t-shirt, Chaco sandals.
I am creating…
plans for the rest of the evening as well as for the July 4th holiday.
I am going…
only to pick up my daughter – and then we’re coming right back home! 
I am reading…
Starburst by Robin Pilcher. Rosamunde Pilcher is my very most favorite author of all times. Robin Pilcher is Mrs. Pilcher’s son and has a few novels under his belt. However, his talent is not yet comparable to his mother’s (in my personal opinion). I think I read and enjoy his books simply because I want another book from her. She retired from writing in 2000 much to my dismay. In my opinion, Coming Home and Shell Seekers are her best works.
I am hoping…
to come up with something different for dinner.
I am hearing…
NPR on the radio out in the laundry room.
Around the house…
we’re decluttering. I have several little piles waiting to either be put on Ebay or simply thrown out. The longer these itmes sit in piles, the easier it is for me to part with the item.
One of my favorite things…
is a clean, clutter-free floor. A path from one place to another without stepping on or around things that are out of place, waiting to be put away.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
not much – some school for the girls, swimming, laundry, quiet time with a book.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…
Big Guy\'s Big Fish (Bull Red?)
Big Guy’s Big Fish – a bull red?

2 thoughts on “Daybook – June 30, 2008

  1. That is a big fish! Congratulations! I started decluttering recently. Now I have even more things in piles waiting for eBay or whatever LOL! I would love to have a decluttered, organized home – one day I will. Enjoy your weekend!


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