The Ability to Ride – Or Not

One of our summer day trips with the children at church is to a theme park/water park. Yesterday was that day. We gathered around 8:00am and headed out with 49 people in tow. The trip to the park was fun with lots of laughter, singing, etc. This was our first time to this particular park and we were pleased. The water section opened first and so we spent the first hour sliding down water slides and playing chase in the lazy river. It was all good – and then the theme park opened…

Long gone are the days of riding every ride in the park. Oh no…I made it on one and then had to seriously consider passing off my little charges to another chaperone. Yuck! It wasn’t even a seriously sick ride. It was the ride that we, long ago, called the Flying Dutchman. It’s the boat that goes back and forth until you feel as though you’re going to pitch forward and fall out! Oh my. Luckily….my oldest daughter also has this problem and was already feeling the affects of the log (flume) water ride. My poor family – from the dear hubby down the line of children, we’re just not theme park thrill seekers. I have laughed for 20 years as my husband hasn’t been able to attend on these trips – and if he did, he tried very hard to keep his eyes averted from any ride that went in circles. Then, my oldest child decided, after many sick moments, that he too should just stay away. And, now my poor daughter…tsk, tsk.

What’s interesting to me is that this family actually seeks out thrilling, out-of-the-ordinary play. We really don’t sit back for much of anything. I guess all of our activities are more of the work/play variety and not the swing-my-body-to-and-fro-so-I-can-throw-up type. Oh, enough of this. I’m not feeling well. 


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