It is hot, hot, hot!

Oh my – no air conditioning in the deep south is just NOT going to cut it! For some insane reason, I decided to stay home today with no air. I’ve been going in to my office at the church each day and coming home to a house that had remained closed all day. Oh not today – I thought I’d catch up on some laundry and bread baking. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?

On a good note, the girls have been out in the sprinkler playing and having a ball most of the day. And…we adopted a new kitten. I am terribly allergic to cats and thought I’d never have one. Now we have two. This little fella came to us out of urgent need. Friends of ours had this litter of kittens (5, I think). They live down on the lake beside a large german shephard and another dog or two. As nature would have it, the large dog found the kittens in the boat house and managed to end the lives of two baby kittens. Our friends found homes for two and we couldn’t leave the last one to live in fear of the “dog next door”! So, we now have a solid black cat (Inky) and a solid white kitty (Ice). He is cute and ever so playful. I’ll post a picture we took this afternoon of him playing in the monkey grass. We presented Ice to my youngest as her very own pet last night. She has spent the entire day with her new adoptee. She has taken him for walks, tried to bathe him (didn’t have time to Kodak that moment – the cat was in and out of the bucket so quickly), she has fed him, given him more water than he could possibly drink, and sat with him in the porch swing. I think Ice would simply like to take a “cat nap” HA!

As hot as it is, I am scheduled to bring a Pineapple Upside Down Cake to my daughter’s writing class tomorrow. I haven’t made one with my grandmother’s recipe in a very long time. I hope all goes well and the cake doesn’t end up in the floor when it’s time to flip it upside down. If everything turns out like granny’s cakes, I’ll post the recipe. She was an INCREDIBLE cook!

May post more to catch up as per my note to self. It’s too hot to do much else.


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