What does a face, hair, and WD40 have in common?


My precious baby came down the stairs Monday morning with her hand over her face as if in tooth pain. She said, “Ok, so please don’t be upset.” Instantly – my mom instincts were in full force – what on earth has happened. She removes her hand and I see a comet like white stripe across her face and ear and on in to the hair. Hmmmm. Without panicking and scaring her to death, I’m thinking, “this is a terrible mess!” What I didn’t say to her was: “Where did you get gum before bed?” “I guess you didn’t brush your teeth before bed.” and, “Is there any more gum in your bed?” Instead, I turned to my computer to consult with Mr. Google. What I found was everything from ice to canned air. Well, the ice didn’t work and she didn’t like it on her face either. What I then read was that the really sticky gum doesn’t react well with ice, peanut butter, or oil. Lovely – this gum was the ultimate sticky, peppermint variety. (I still don’t know where she came up with gum.)

So upon further reading, WD40 was mentioned. Did I dare? Oh yes I did! Short of cutting her hair I was seriously running out of options. We covered her face with a towel and I squirted a bit right on that white blob in the hair. After great massage, bit by sticky bit came out of her hair. Luckily she is not tender-headed like one of my other girls. We might have had to sedate that one.

After the hair, we needed a break. I went for a bike ride with the dear husband and upon return she had peeled off the gum from her face. Good! Off to the shower to then attempt to get the WD40 oily mess from her hair. All is well – WD40 did the trick!


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