Summertime, Summer, Summer, Summertime!!

Hooty Hooo!!!! We’re ALL finally free to frolick! They two youngest homeschooled chickens have been finished since last week but the big 5th grader just finished yesterday. I’m so relieved – if only for a couple of weeks. My plan is to continue our learning this summer just on a modified schedule.

It’s almost 8:00am and the house is still very quiet. DH, bless his heart, leaves every morning around 6:00am for a job that allows me to be here. Oh, I have a full-time job that I absolutely love. As a Director of Children’s Ministries, some days are just more busy than others. The summer months are jam-packed with fun. All of that will ramp up in a couple of weeks. I’ll be tired by August and ready to get back to some sense of normalcy and schedule.

Yesterday was a day for the history books. The girls and I spent most of the afternoon working in the yard. I am determined to become at least moderately adept at yard work/gardening. I must. I must, if only for my mom and grandmother’s memory. I can see them both giving me that tsk, tsk, tsk at the mere look of my yard. Well, it looks better this morning that yesterday – a start!

Already this day: bread is rising, cheese grits on stove, laundry humming, coffee perked

Plans for this day: molasses lace cookies, another section of the yard, laundry, graduation ceremonies for a dear friend’s child tonight, graduation party afterward.

I wish I had pictures this morning but left my camera in my office.   So sorry!

Have a blessed day!


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