Could it be?

I am utterly thrilled with myself! I planted 9 tomato plants, sweet basil, mint, and two red pepper plants. I’ve decided that traditional gardening is not likely for me – or my yard. My mom and grandmother were terrific gardeners. Their yards were always brimming with goodies. Me…not so much – YET! Our yard is very natural with little level ground or grass. My decision is to take a reasonable area that receives afternoon sun and play a little this year. So, in the midst of a few other plants (of which I have no idea the names?) I will plop my little garden. Pictures will be forthcoming tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

Today was Honor’s Day at my oldest daughter’s school. It was nice but I struggle with: is it better to honor so many children with lots of little accomplishments, or…honor the few that have accomplished a few big things. As a mother, in a tender moment, I’m happy for all of these many children that are honored for “trying”. But then I ask myself, are we really doing them a justice?  Hmmm, sounds harsh I guess. Maybe that’s why I homeschool my other two?

My college child is home for the summer! I love having him here but he continually SLEEPS ON THE COUCH! I know we moved a bed to his apartment – did he just not use it? Last night must be the last night he camps out in the family room. Messy, messy college child.   🙂



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