Since last time – I turned 40!

Oh my, my, my! I cannot believe it’s me that has turned 40! The day came and went without much of a hiccup. Those that didn’t just happen to remember were certainly NOT reminded. It’s a blessing, I know, to be here with my children and husband at 40. I think it’s completely strange to think about 1/2 of your life is quite possibly – all done.

We traveled this past weekend to celebrate my grandparent’s 70th wedding anniversary. They were so cute. Both were all dressed up for their special day. We put together a small video of pictures to commemorate the years. We added some nostalgic music from the 30’s and 40’s. Very fun. My grandmother is the amazing lady that taught me a great deal. She made most of our clothes and cooked like no other. She is now 91 and has Alzheimers so she no longer cooks or sews. I miss that!

We’re experiencing some rough storms today. The rain is much needed. I just hope there are no tornadoes.



2 thoughts on “Since last time – I turned 40!

  1. I just left a big comment, but I left out some missing fields on the comment form, and my words disappeared! 🙂

    So, the abridged version:

    Happy Birthday! I hope it was special.

    Talking about your grandparents made me miss my own. They just missed their 70th Anniversary by a few months when Grampy died suddenly. And, like yours, my memories of my grandparents are very sweet.

    You indeed are blessed with that family of yours! 🙂 God is good.


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