Too Quiet Around Here

The weekend was action-packed and crazy. With a soccer tournament out of town, Confirmation at our church, and the two youngest leaving for the beach – it’s taken a couple of days to wind down.

The weather was a problem for the tournament and the games were continually pushed back in the day. Long about lunchtime I met up with extended family on their way down to the beach. Our two little ones jumped in the car and barely looked back. They both were absolutely thrilled to be going to the beach. For the past week they have told everyone (strangers, friends, foe) they were going to the beach. Comments for them to bring back sand and seashells were taken very seriously as they packed ziploc bags and jars in their suitcases. I’ve talked with them several times since they arrived at the beach and they are absolutely thrilled – just giddy with excitement. We have 11 children in our extended family. Seven of these cousins are with my two youngest at the beach. They’ve dug personal swimming pools in the sand as well as what they called a “public” pool where they could all meet up together. The waves have been perfect for jumping for some of the brood. My youngest said only her toes could touch the water because the yellow flag was out ANDDDDD they saw a “SHARK”! I asked her to explain the shark sighting and how she knew it was a shark – her comment was that while looking through the binoculars, she and her comrad cousin could see “pointy thingies on its wing”. She was ever so serious about this sighting!

Otherwise – all is calm, too much so, around here. There were a couple of times yesterday where had to regroup and decide what I wanted to do next – very unusual! It’s been a nice break but two days is really enough and I’m ready for the little monkeys to come back. They’ll be headed this way tomorrow. No idea how we’ll be meeting up with them – need to do that today.

We have a request from my daughter’s school for a Mexican dish. They are celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow (5/7/08)? I’d like to make something special and a bit different from what they’ll expect everyone to bring. I’ll be perusing recipes today to surprise my sweet child and her teachers!


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