Weekend recap.

Pretty uneventful weekend. My sweet boy came home from college to study all weekend. It’s always nice to have him home, if only briefly. The university now offers most quizzes online with the opportunity to take the quizzes twice. He and his girlfriend work together on our two computers and take the quizzes twice to get a perfect score. At the end of next week he will have completed his first year of college. Unbelievable!

We had soccer matches in Montgomery and campouts at a nearby state park on Saturday. All of our children were doing their own things this weekend. I actually stayed home Saturday and piddled (a word?) in the yard and did laundry. As much as I look forward to quiet times such as these, I really bore quickly of the mundane. By the end of the day three of the four children had made plans for the evening and only the youngest and a friend were here. Sunday morning we were off to church. After church the two youngest spent the afternoon making mudpies, jumping on the trampoline, and playing in the sprinkler. I think at some point we had six neighborhood children in the house for a snack. How fun and what memories my children will have of lazy Sunday afternoons! Late in the day we all (neighborhood kids and all) loaded up and headed back to church to finish the day focused on our precious Lord. My Suburban really looks like a bus on Sunday afternoons.

All in all – a great family weekend.


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