It’s Time to Decide

Our annual homeschool convention is next week. The first year of homeschooling has been wonderful but we will most likely make a few changes. The Sonlight history program is a super intense history program and we may go back to it eventually. For my first and second grader it was just a bit too much. I would like to take a look at Bob Jones History. I ordered it from a friendy homeschooler on Ebay for a great price. I have found that I need to touch, read, and generally peruse the books we are going to use. The convention is great but I certainly don’t have the time while there to study the material.

Spelling – we did not use a separate spelling book this year. Instead, our spelling was included in our Language book. I had planned to supplement the small list of words each week but of course, didn’t. So…based on what I can read and see on the internet, we may go with “A Reason for Spelling”. I know there are differing views as to whether or not teaching spelling is necessary. My children have moved past beginning readers and have the phonetics down reasonably well. I personally find spelling important – most likely because of my own public education background. I hope this is the right choice but if not, we’ll drop it – how great is homeschooling!

Not sure about Science – we’ve floated a bit this year and I haven’t worried much about it. About three times a week I concentrate on our old science textbook -mostly to appease my mind that they are actually getting some science. I have not found any science material that just thrills me. We’ll have to see about this over the summer.


Math – Modern Curriculum Press

Language – Learning Language through Literature

Grammar – Easy Grammar

Spelling – A Reason for Spelling

History – Bob Jones?

Social Studies/Music/Art Appreciation/Research/Health – Supplemental Materials

Reading – Learning Lang Arts through Lit/Sonlight Readers

Science – ??

I get super excited just typing the tentative plans for next year!!


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