Around we go – and get where?

I love this time of the morning! Time to have an uninterrupted cup of coffee, peruse the net, listen to the news. The children will be up soon and we’ll begin another daily adventure. Yesterday we began our school time around 8:00am – a good day it would seem. But…we didn’t finish up until 3:00 – YUCK! Of course, there were doctor appointments, 1/2 of “A Secret Garden” video, lunch, and playtime. Oh well, I suppose that’s the beauty of homeschooling – the flexibility.

It’s time to plan for our next year and the curriculum we will use. For the most part, I’ve been pleased with the choices for this year. However, I am certain I want to change our history curriculum from Sonlight. It’s an amazing program just not right for us. After hours of research on possible choices, I’d like to look at Bob Jones History. Our homeschool convention is in May so I hope to be able to put my hands on this study.

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