Week Disappears – To Digital Scrap or not?

As much as I love the early morning hours before the children arise, the past few mornings have been frantic. I’m not sure why this week has been so crazy but I am certainly unsettled with it.  We’ve had eye appointments for the children and husband, one child put on crutches, my Suburban dies in the parking lot of the church, soccer practice, dance practice, and campfire – AND IT’S ONLY WEDNESDAY!! One would think that someone takes my calendar and fills it all in for me – not! I do this occasionally – just pack too much in to a few days. It makes me grumpy.

I have been reading other’s blogs lately and have a new interest in digital scrapbooking. The idea of taking all of my digital pictures and producing something with them appeals to me. Is the process – create a digital page, save it, and send it to a publishing company, and they in turn print your creation and send it back? The printing seems to cost around $12 per page. This sounds pretty expensive to me although I can’t say I’ve priced how much it would cost to print the pictures and then scrapbook. More than likely the cost effective way for me to do this is to print the pictures and put them in photo albums like I always have. I’m terrified of losing my digital pictures or never having my children sit and look at them.


It’s Time to Decide

Our annual homeschool convention is next week. The first year of homeschooling has been wonderful but we will most likely make a few changes. The Sonlight history program is a super intense history program and we may go back to it eventually. For my first and second grader it was just a bit too much. I would like to take a look at Bob Jones History. I ordered it from a friendy homeschooler on Ebay for a great price. I have found that I need to touch, read, and generally peruse the books we are going to use. The convention is great but I certainly don’t have the time while there to study the material.

Spelling – we did not use a separate spelling book this year. Instead, our spelling was included in our Language book. I had planned to supplement the small list of words each week but of course, didn’t. So…based on what I can read and see on the internet, we may go with “A Reason for Spelling”. I know there are differing views as to whether or not teaching spelling is necessary. My children have moved past beginning readers and have the phonetics down reasonably well. I personally find spelling important – most likely because of my own public education background. I hope this is the right choice but if not, we’ll drop it – how great is homeschooling!

Not sure about Science – we’ve floated a bit this year and I haven’t worried much about it. About three times a week I concentrate on our old science textbook -mostly to appease my mind that they are actually getting some science. I have not found any science material that just thrills me. We’ll have to see about this over the summer.


Math – Modern Curriculum Press

Language – Learning Language through Literature

Grammar – Easy Grammar

Spelling – A Reason for Spelling

History – Bob Jones?

Social Studies/Music/Art Appreciation/Research/Health – Supplemental Materials

Reading – Learning Lang Arts through Lit/Sonlight Readers

Science – ??

I get super excited just typing the tentative plans for next year!!

Weekend recap.

Pretty uneventful weekend. My sweet boy came home from college to study all weekend. It’s always nice to have him home, if only briefly. The university now offers most quizzes online with the opportunity to take the quizzes twice. He and his girlfriend work together on our two computers and take the quizzes twice to get a perfect score. At the end of next week he will have completed his first year of college. Unbelievable!

We had soccer matches in Montgomery and campouts at a nearby state park on Saturday. All of our children were doing their own things this weekend. I actually stayed home Saturday and piddled (a word?) in the yard and did laundry. As much as I look forward to quiet times such as these, I really bore quickly of the mundane. By the end of the day three of the four children had made plans for the evening and only the youngest and a friend were here. Sunday morning we were off to church. After church the two youngest spent the afternoon making mudpies, jumping on the trampoline, and playing in the sprinkler. I think at some point we had six neighborhood children in the house for a snack. How fun and what memories my children will have of lazy Sunday afternoons! Late in the day we all (neighborhood kids and all) loaded up and headed back to church to finish the day focused on our precious Lord. My Suburban really looks like a bus on Sunday afternoons.

All in all – a great family weekend.

To Garden or not and an IT expert

I’ve never actually tried to garden. My grandmother and mom were terrific gardners and I really love the idea. We have three raised tier like beds in our yard. Perfect, I think, for gardening. I just really don’t know what to do with these beds, what to plant in them, do they receive enough sunlight to actually grow anything? Maybe the girls and I will clean out the beds and try a few things this year and see what happens. Our growing season here in the deep south is long enough to be unsuccessful to begin with and perhaps try again.

Yesterday, like the day before, I spent hours trying to burn a DVD of a slide show I had put together for a friend. Now, I like to think of myself as adequately computer literate. I am after all, the IT person for our church and have spent several years in the IT field. Well, after two days of analyzing WHY the DVD would not burn, I took to my hands and knees to check out the drive (down on the floor). I DON’T HAVE  A DVD BURNER!!! Good grief! All of the relatively newer computers in our church have DVD burners as I ordered them this way. It never occurred to me that I didn’t order my own.

Finally the slide show is on a DVD and all is well.

Around we go – and get where?

I love this time of the morning! Time to have an uninterrupted cup of coffee, peruse the net, listen to the news. The children will be up soon and we’ll begin another daily adventure. Yesterday we began our school time around 8:00am – a good day it would seem. But…we didn’t finish up until 3:00 – YUCK! Of course, there were doctor appointments, 1/2 of “A Secret Garden” video, lunch, and playtime. Oh well, I suppose that’s the beauty of homeschooling – the flexibility.

It’s time to plan for our next year and the curriculum we will use. For the most part, I’ve been pleased with the choices for this year. However, I am certain I want to change our history curriculum from Sonlight. It’s an amazing program just not right for us. After hours of research on possible choices, I’d like to look at Bob Jones History. Our homeschool convention is in May so I hope to be able to put my hands on this study.